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Website value calculator: Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Domain Appraisal ?
A. Domain appraisal is a professional evaluation of a domain name that determines it worth for fair trade.
Q. I'm selling a domain, why do I need domain appraisal?
A. Domain name is a property just like real estate agent would appraise your house so do we appraise your domain. This is for market worth so you have an accurate amount to list sell your domain for.
Q. I'm a buyer, why should I appraise a domain?
A. By have a domain name appraised, by an indifferent third party, you can ensure the value of domain you are wanting to purchase.
Q. How long does it take to appraise a domain?
A. Domain names are normally appraised in 48 hours. Once an appraisal technician has thoroughly evaluated your domain, You will receive a certificate of the appraisal.
1  $4,069,009,310
2  $3,385,302,959
3  $2,809,864,750
4  $960,804,535
5  $818,879,331
6  $817,742,037
7  $605,981,943
8  $455,555,050
9  $452,216,738
10  $357,751,764